Sonntag, 30. September 2012

Illustrated calendar 2013

This is another project together with some of the Illustrators from Mainz / Wiesbaden. A calender for the year 2013. We sell it at our exhibition in Rüsselsheim for only 5€ (two for 8€). But of course you can contact me to get one too. My picture is for the month Movember ;-) It was made exclusively for this calendar. The business cards (made in a playing card size for every exhibitor) are for free.

Calendar layout by Martina Theisen and Christian Weber.

Donnerstag, 27. September 2012

Workshop: Das illustrierte ABC

This was an artwork for a workshop linked to the exhibition in Rüsselsheim.
The illustrated Alphabet would bring Illustration and handwritten Typography together. The ABC is the core of our language. I planned to do a collection of illustrations to every letter in the alphabet. The participants would choose a few letters and at the end of the course we would present our work together. Every media can be used: ink, pencils, watercolor, acrylic paint, scissors and paper, digital...

It seems like it won't take place now but if you are interested please contact the VHS Rüsselsheim and ask for the Workshop: "Das illustrierte Alphabet" If we are lucky they will get it back into the programme.

"Making Of- Illustratoren in die Karten schauen" Ausstellung/ Exhibition

Together with 16 other illustrators from the Mainz/Wiesbaden area I currently have an exhibition in Rüsselsheim. It is called "Making Of" and therefore we show many work in progress sketches. Each illustrator has a different way to work and a different style. Childrens books are there as advertising or technical millustrations. I can tell you it is a great experience to see the wide range of our work. The vernissage was last friday and the exhibition is open until october the 20th. Here are some pictures from the vernissage. You can find more information on the page of the museum.
Stadt und Industriemuseum Rüsselsheim
The poster was designed by a fellow illustrator: Christian Weber

I hope some of you might be able to come to the museum and enjoy the beautiful work of 17 illustrators.

Mittwoch, 26. September 2012

Sensor Magazin Cover

The cover of the September Issue of the SENSOR magazine. The title was "Modestadt Wiesbaden" I took the Schiller statue in front of the theatre and made it into a catwalk. Note the fashion bloggers ;-)
There is also a nice article about fashion designers from my area including my favourite label Vecona Vintage.I will tell you more about them soon.

It was a good experience to see my own work in all the shops, bars and restaurant in Wiesbaden. You can read the issue fore free here: Sensor Wiesbaden

Freitag, 14. September 2012

Making Of: "Sensor" Title Illustration

Today I want to share some "making of" pictures from one of my latest works with you. It's the title illustration for a local magazine in called "Sensor". The topic was "Modestadt Wiesbaden" so it was all about local fashion. You can already see some pictures that made it into the final artwork.