Dienstag, 3. Januar 2012

Evil Clown

Sketch for the villain in "Die Groszstadt" ...an evil ice cream selling clown. Maybe it is a clichée since John Wayne Gayce but I am sure the fear for clowns was known long before him. Archetypes work better for fairytales because they don't need long explainations. It's the same with horrormovies. Once they try to explain they are getting dull and boring.


  1. It immediatly, indeed, reminded me of John Wayne Gacy, not only his artwork but himself dressed up as a clown aswell. I agree on what you say; the fear of clowns started long before him.

    Look at these:
    They look evil to me!

    I as a child always feared clowns. Dressed up people or dolls .. it made no difference to me.

    Anyway, nice illustration again!
    (Must say that I like your banner aswell. Simple, but it explains alot about what your doing.)

  2. Thank you so much Lindsay. I appreciate your feedback.

    And yes...the clowns in the link look evil indeed.