Montag, 4. März 2013

Sensor Wiesbaden Cover "Filmstadt zwischen Hoffnung und Abgesang"

If you live in Wiesbaden chances are high that you have already seen some of my artworks. Reason one is the "SENSOR Magazin" which can be found in almost every bar, store, barber shop and café all over the town. For the february issue I made a cover illustration with a "cinema" theme. My idea was to include the "Maschinenmensch" character from Fritz Langs "Metropolis" since the restorations of the long lost parts where done in Wiesbaden. The Murnau Stiftung has a huge archive of german movies starting at the silent era. To build a bridge to modern trends I made up a 3D version with the typical 3D glasses. I was delighted when I found a picture on their page with the audience in the "Murnau Filmtheater" wearing 3D glasses and holding the magazines with my cover. Thank you, Sensor.

Visit the Sensor Wiesbaden homepage or their facebook page.

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